KK Social Network!



Hey, Kinfolk. It’s LaSha with so much to say (the usual). So much that I needed a space to get it all out. The Kinfolk Kollective was birthed from more than three decades of living in color. If y’all follow me on social media, you know how I do. If you don’t, I hope you’re a quick study.



I’m here for black people without qualifiers. I’m not here to define blackness for you because in the words of Justice Potter Stewart, “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.” I’m never here for your white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, misogynistic, elitist, talented tenth restrictions on blackness. I’m never here for your defense of white supremacy in any form. I’m never here for your regurgitation of stereotypes of black people nor your pedestaling of all that is white.



I recognize privilege however prorated. I recognize my cisgender, heterosexual, abled privilege even while fighting the oppression of my black womanhood. If you choose to share this space with me, I hope y’all will get me all the way together when my privilege speaks louder than my compassion. I am learning daily and am still a novice, so don’t be afraid to check me if needed.



Now let me let you know that being my skinfolk is matter of circumstance. Being my kinfolk is a matter of choice. If you’re running for a seat or reelection in the Coon Congress, Sambo Senate or actively competing to be Massa’s MVP, you have scheduled this stop on the campaign tour to The Kinfolk Kollective in error.

It would best suit you to gather your respectability politics, boot licking and kumbaya rhetoric and leave most expeditiously because I have a Ph.D in Wig Snatchery with a concentration in Edge Removal.


Now that we’re clear on that, let me explain the Kollective to y’all. I want all my kinfolk to come together in this space. I need us to discuss, laugh, rage, read and rejoice together. Believe the energy from my folks feeds my soul and I’m ready to eat!

A little about more about me:

I’m a mother obsessed with covering, loving and nurturing her little black boy. I’m married to a black man whom I love with all of me. When it comes to them being off limits, I specialize in making believers outta skeptics. I live for good food, deep conversation and all things foolish.

I’m the Geminiest of Geminis, a study in duality. I loves me a ratchet reality show or a ol’ nasty bassed-out ratchet jam, but I live for a good book (Mama Toni, I love you) and love documentaries. I’m obsessed with writing and people who look like me are my passion.

So come in, get comfy and grab you a cup ’cause I know you wanna sip this tea with me.