Your child deserves

to truly be seen.

We deliver stunning images that make your child stand out and attract more modeling opportunities.


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We specialize in creatively capturing the beautiful essence of childhood.

Plus, our process is fun and easy!

Here’s what you get when you work with CreativeSoul Photography to capture your child’s beauty:


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We’ll start here and schedule a time so we can understand your unique needs. We’ll also offer some suggestions that we feel would align with your vision.


We customize each shoot. So that means we’ll ideate and ultimately land on a plan of action (date, time, location, theme, look and feel) to help you and your child best prepare for your for your session.

And, as your creative partners, we’ll be sure to remain accessible to answer questions ahead of your scheduled shoot.


This is the fun part! We’ll meet on location and capture the moments that make your family magical. 

Don’t worry about figuring out how to pose. We’ve got you covered with direction every step of the way!


We’ll sift through the images we shot and make your precious moments come to life, delivering some of the most stunning photos you’ve ever seen!

Oh, and satisfaction (and huuuuge smiles) are 100% guaranteed 😉


Having worked with parents all over the globe, the one thing that never gets old for us is seeing the reactions to their child’s headshots and creative portraits for the first time.

We can’t quite put our finger on what it is that makes us giddy about revealing the final product to our parents.

Maybe it’s the way their eyes well with tears…

…or the way their chests swell with pride at how amazing their “babies” look…

..or how excited they are to share the photos with the whole world…

…or even the overwhelmingly positive response they get from modeling agencies and talent scouts.

Whatever it is, we don’t take it lightly. Your satisfaction and trust are sacred to us, which is why we work tirelessly to make sure we deliver the best photos possible.

And it’s glowing reviews and testimonials from parents like Danele that fuel us:

I had been dreaming and planning to make a trip to Atlanta so that Sky could sit on their famous couch. When I saw they were coming to Dallas I had to do a double take. Their work is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and it was such a pleasure and honor to get the opportunity to work with them. Upon me receiving our final images I submitted 2 of them as updated headshots to Skylar’s agent. Within 20 minutes of sending them, I received an email from her agent requesting her for an audition for a short film. I see nothing but more opportunities coming from this WONDERFUL experience.


We devote only the very best resources toward making your child’s customized session a fun and memorable experience.

Sessions start at $______________.

You’ll get unparalleled support from the CreativeSoul team because we’re more than just photographers.

So, if you have been searching for the right photographers to capture your child’s beauty and help create a portfolio full of gorgeous photos, then we’d love to work with you.

Your child’s photo shoot isn’t just another a cost – it’s an investment because we’re dedicated to capturing images that not only blow you away, but that create the most incredible opportunities and exposure.

Need a better idea of how much you’ll be investing? We’d be happy to chat details with you during a complimentary discovery session. It’s designed to help us better understand you. Then, we’ll be able to let you know what your exact investment will be.